Jeff Rasley Announces New Title

Author Jeff Rasley is pleased to announce the release of his new memoir, Pilgrimage: Sturgis to Wounded Knee and Back Home Again.

This pilgrimage begins on a motorcycle. The author planned to whoop it up with biker friends at the Bacchanalia of Sturgis Bike Week. Instead, an unplanned detour to Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Reservation leads to confrontation with a troubling family history. One ancestor fought in the Indian Wars and died from a wound sustained at the Battle of Wounded Knee. Another helped the last of the Potawatomi avoid starvation during a harsh winter in Indiana.

The journey in Pilgrimage even takes the reader across the Pacific to the Himalayas. Yet, it is back home in Indiana where reconciliation is found.

Pilgrimage: Sturgis to Wounded Knee and Back Home Again was released in January 2013 by Midsummer Books and is currently available in print and as an eBook from and Amazon UK.

Sneak Peek: Freak Story: 1967-1969

Today we have a sneak peek from Jim Musgrave’s coming-of-age novel, Freak Story: 1967-1969.

Buddy Hartman, a sober and clean music promoter in Minneapolis, discovers his biological mother is a freak, but he is incomplete.

Buddy’s life is changed forever when he takes his mother and aunt, the Hilton Siamese Twins, to the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention in an attempt to resurrect their entertainment careers and realize his own identity. Buddy learns what being a freak really means, as the power of the State meets the power of the counterculture heroes.

Freak Story: 1967-1969 is available through and Amazon UK.

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Book Brief: The Descendant

The Descendant
by Kelley Grealis
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Word count: 85,600

Allison Carmichael wakes from a car wreck with no memory of the past three years. She doesn’t recall her husband’s death or how she alienated her friends, and she definitely doesn’t remember anything about her new boyfriend Vincent Drake – a charismatic man with a penchant for rare and unique possessions. In fact, the only things familiar to Allison are her seemingly common ailments – insomnia, lack of appetite, erratic body temperature – which have gone undiagnosed and are worsening.

But Vincent knows exactly who, and what, Allison is – a mortal descendant of the first vampire. He is a vampire who has watched over Allison and her ancestors since the biblical times of Cain and Abel ensuring their secret is kept. Once he realizes Allison’s symptoms are accelerating and transforming her, he’ll stop at nothing to have her.

Allison discovers that she is a descendant and the first of her kind to exhibit signs of vampirism. She must decide between risking her mortal death if she cannot control her symptoms or fully transforming into a vampire and damning her soul for eternity. A decision made even more difficult when Allison discovers that Vincent has manipulated her life, and everyone in it, so that he can have the one thing no one else in the world has – the first descendant-turned-vampire.

THE DESCENDANT – A Vampire Tale of Biblical Proportions

This book is available from Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes&Noble.

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Earl and Conchita

A short story
by Stephen Hise

Earl had not slept through the night since Maxine died. That was three years ago now. Conchita woke him every hour or so with her bouts of incessant meowling. She had started doing it shortly after Maxine took ill.
Maxine had called it singing. She laughed at it. Earl did not see the humor. He needed his rest to take care of Maxine and Maxine needed her rest to get well. But Maxine did not get well. She had died just as the doctors had said. Earl thought perhaps the lack of rest had made the difference. Continue reading “Earl and Conchita”