Sneak Peek: The Ghost Man

Today we have a sneak peek from author Michael J. McCann’s horror/supernatural thriller, The Ghost Man.

Simon Guthrie wanted to be left alone, but They had other ideas. First there was the car accident that claimed his beloved wife. Then came the grueling months of recuperation from his injuries. Now his constant companions are ghosts seeking worldly release. His new home is haunted by the ghost of a young girl demanding his help. His friends and neighbors are under attack by strange, destructive forces. Who is the Angry Man who haunts his dreams … and what does the demon controlling him want of Simon Guthrie?

The Ghost Man is available through and Amazon UK.

Here is an excerpt from The Ghost ManContinue reading “Sneak Peek: The Ghost Man”

Interview: A.C. Flory

A.C.Flory is an Hungarian-born Australian who is bilingual in both languages, along with a smattering of French, German, Japanese and Chinese.

She taught languages in high school before discovering computers and becoming a geek. From there, technical writing was a natural progression. Fiction did not enter her life until ten years later, and now she writes in her favourite genre of science fiction. In her spare time she plays mmo’s [massively multiplayer online games], reads voraciously, and is henpecked by a small multitude of pets. Continue reading “Interview: A.C. Flory”

Indie News Beat: Cashing in on ICANN

Sometimes it feels like the publishing industry is besieged with scam artists and con merchants, eager to part the unwary storyteller from their cash with promises of quality and exposure. Crafted with not an once of substance, these promises seduce the writer into believing that their novel is special, and that against all evidence to the contrary, their novel will sell by the bucket-load. Once an Indie Author has been around the block, however, it becomes easy to go too far down the road of cynicism, and respond to every new opportunity with the worn refrain: “What’s the catch?” Continue reading “Indie News Beat: Cashing in on ICANN”

Narrative Voice: Breaking the Rules

Guest post
by Mark Hamner

As I worked to complete my third book, Cinder’s Reach, I encountered a situation which led me to think about narrative voice rules and if it’s ever okay to break them. I believe that most of the time the answer is no, but there may be some situations in which it’s not as cut-and-dried.

For those perhaps new to writing, narrative voice can be thought of as the general perspective of the story. The narrative voice goes hand-in-hand with the narrative point of view. Some common narrative voices are first-person character voice (“I wonder what Jennifer is thinking”), third-person limited voice (“Mike had no idea what Jennifer was thinking”), and third-person omniscient voice (“Mike was confused; Jennifer was furious.”)

My Echo Chronicles series is written in third-person omniscient voice. As you know, that means I follow the characters in a “He said,” “He went,” “He thought,” manner, and I give my readers insight into the thoughts and feeling of more than one character. My story does, of course, have a protagonist, and his is the main point of view and narrative voice, but I do drop into others as well. I have four main characters, and all four have lent their voices to the story at various times. This worked well for me through my first two books, but I hit a snag in the third. Continue reading “Narrative Voice: Breaking the Rules”