Timothy Hurley Announces New Release

Author Timothy Hurley is pleased to announce the release of his new humorous short story, Memo to Hell.

In this funnier than a lawyer-walks-into-a-bar story, Blogger-jerk gets Cookie Monster’s color wrong and foolishly argues with Manhattan lawyers about it. And even as his dreams and writing career sink into the East River, and he vows never to blog about green cartoon characters, it’s obvious — he ain’t learned his lesson.

Memo to Hell was released on December 26, 2012 and is currently available from Amazon.com and Amazon UK.

Meet the Author: Melissa Bowersock

Melissa Bowersock is an eclectic writer who turns her hand to any story that inspires her, be it fantasy, action, romance, satire or biography, and has found success with many genres. Her romance novel, Remember Me, was chosen as a finalist in Foreword Magazine’s Best of the Year Awards for 2005, and her fantasy novel, The Blue Crystal, made the semi-finals in Amazon’s 2009 Breakthru Novel Award contest. More recently, the Military Writers Society of America awarded her book Marcia Gates: Angel of Bataan a medal for biography at their book awards conference in 2012. The book was subsequently featured in a documentary on Wisconsin military history produced by WKOW-TV in Madison, titled Our Wisconsin: The Military History of America’s Dairyland. To date, Melissa has nine novels and the one non-fiction to her credit with, of course, more to come. She lives in a small desert community in southern Arizona. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Melissa Bowersock”

Createspace’s Expanded Distribution – Yes or No?

[For an update on Createspace’s Expanded Distribution program, please read Lynne Cantwell’s article here. – the admins]

Createspace is Amazon’s print-on-demand company. They’re the same guys but they’re run as a separate company. Amazon is in Seattle and Createspace is in Las Vegas. I self-published two ebooks through Amazon (KDP), and the same two books in print form through Createspace. Unfortunately, when I had to contact them to deal with different issues that sometimes come up when you publish your own book, I had to speak to each company individually. So, that means emailing Amazon for your ebook queries or contacting Createspace by email or talking to them on the phone. Yep, they’ll talk to you. You instant message them from their website and ask them to phone you. I’ve done the phone deal five or six times and each time my phone has rang within five minutes of messaging them. It’s a great system and they’ve been very good in helping me.

I was asked recently whether I utilized Createspace’s Expanded Distribution feature and paid the $25 fee. I did-both times. This is the blurb from Createspace’s website detailing what Expanded Distribution means and how it expands the reach of your book to their additional outlets and distributors: Continue reading “Createspace’s Expanded Distribution – Yes or No?”

Tutorial Tuesday Time Out

IU Tutorials and Tools for Prospering in a Digital WorldWell hello there fans of Tutorial Tuesday. Here at Indies Unlimited, we take pride in bringing you tutorials each week to help you get more out of social media platforms, software packages, handy websites, tools, and more. You can check out past tutorials for free here. If you don’t feel like going through all the tedious and strenuous labor of repeatedly clicking that “older posts” arrow, you can check out this nifty book here.

Occasionally I’ll get messages from folks asking for tutorials on specific subjects, or I’ll write them based on queries which come up during conversations with other authors. Of course, that means we haven’t covered everything yet…

So how about we open up the comments section today and YOU tell US what you’d like to see tutorials about? Let’s not get silly here, we can’t give you tutorials on picking the right lottery numbers or on how to build a laser death ray (that’s proprietary), but we can help in author-related topics other than becoming a best-seller overnight or how to get on Oprah. And please, keep it clean, folks. Here are some upcoming tutorials: How to Create a Sell Sheet; How to Find Media Outlets; Preparing for a Radio Interview; and How to Write a Bio Blurb. We look forward to seeing your ideas. If we’ve already got a tutorial on it, we’ll let you know that, as well.