T. A. Bradley Announces New Title

Author T. A. Bradley is pleased to announce the release of his new horror thriller, Primordia.

Scientific ambition, a mutated virus and a case of mistaken identity plunge a family and their community into the depths of a horror that no one could have imagined. The nightmare begins with a simple virus infection. Ross Clayton, a scientist and dedicated family man receives an experimental pacemaker. When he is murdered, the pacemaker fuels the mutation of the virus and he is reanimated in a near primordial state. In an attempt to save his daughter, Ross unleashes an unfathomable terror. And it just might be unstoppable.

Primordia was released on January 2, 2013 and is currently available from Amazon.com, Amazon UK, and Smashwords.

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    1. Thank you, in a tie in with your recent post, which I found most helpful…I used paint and an istock photo. Acutally had a few ideas and asked my beta readers which one they found best. This was voted: Creepiest. So I used it.

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