Martin Crosbie Added to Staff of Indies Unlimited

We are pleased to announce the addition of the phenomenal Martin Crosbie to the crew of Indies Unlimited as a contributing author.

His first novel, My Temporary Life was downloaded 100,000 times in less than five months and appeared on several bestseller lists. His self-publishing journey has been mentioned in Publisher’s Weekly, Forbes Online Magazine, and Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper. Learn more about Martin at his website or his Amazon author page.

Martin was born in the highlands of Scotland and currently makes his home on the west coast of Canada, just outside Vancouver. Please give him a warm Indies Unlimited welcome.

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25 thoughts on “Martin Crosbie Added to Staff of Indies Unlimited”

  1. Welcome Martin! IU happens to be a great place where interesting minds meet. I am looking forward to your upcoming articles and once again welcome.

    1. Oh Tasha, you had to mention that didn’t you.
      Actually my next book is coming along really well, I’m having lots of fun writing it and still hoping to be completed by the end of the year. Great to hear from you my friend.

  2. Welcome, Martin

    I know this is irrelevant, but how I love the highlands of Scotland!
    Spent a full month there, in 2008.

    Those Highland Cattle are beautiful creatures. Saw more of them on the Isle of Mull than anywhere else.

    Looking forward to reading your articles and learning from your success.

  3. Martin, as an avid reader of Indies Unlimited, I welcome you too ;)) I picked up your book recently and am looking forward to reading it. May I say, that the cover art is excellent! Clean and crisp, very effective. Look forward to reading your posts.

  4. Thank you, Jo-Anne, I love the cover too, and it was a stock CreateSpace cover believe it or not. I had one previously and a good author friend was brave enough to tell me that it was crap and had to be changed. Friends like that are priceless. The new cover is more contemporary and helped me a lot. I’ve got my friend, Robert Bidinotto to thank for his frank criticisms of the old cover.

    1. He is a good friend. Too often we tip-toe around such subjects in the false belief that not providing helpful feedback is more supportive. I want my writer friends to tell me the TRUTH! Good friend indeed :))

  5. Fàilte, Ciamar a tha thu, Martin? I now live in Tasmania, Australia but I’m originally from Stirlingshire, Scotland; however my family is only a couple of generations out of Skye. I look forward to getting to know you better through your contributions. Mar sin leat, Martin.

    1. Thank you, T.D. I think.
      I have a Stirling connection myself, love the castle there too. Planning on being back there in 2014. There’s some kind of secret return to the roots Scottish thing happening. I’m sure you’ll get the email.
      Great to meet you.

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