Rich Meyer Announces New Release

Author Rich Meyer is pleased to announce his new release, the Trivia Quiz Book Volume 5.

Once again, here are 500 easily-navigated questions and answers in the latest volume of the Trivia Quiz Book e-book series by “award-winning #1 best-selling author” Rich Meyer. These are all family-friendly questions suitable for all ages and most everyone find the smile of a good memory on their lips while trying to remember an answer. The subjects for this book are Cult Films, Board Games, the radio show Lum and Abner, Bugs Bunny, the television show The Twilight Zone, Advertising Slogans, the comic book super-team the Avengers, Fictional Detectives, and Big Bands.

The Trivia Quiz Book Volume 5 was self-published by Rich Meyer in July 2012. It is available from Amazon and Amazon UK. Learn more about author Rich Meyer at his Amazon author page.

You Asked For It: J. Johnson Higgins

Indies Unlimited reader J. Johnson Higgins asks, “If you are an author and your writing is different from your other professional work, what are some best practices for keeping your identities under control so that they don’t harm one another? Fun examples: It’s cool if you’re a forensic psychologist that writes murder mysteries (everybody loves that) but if you’re a school guidance counselor that wrote a fiction novel titled “I Slept with Your Mom then Killed Her!” I imagine it gets really strange when it comes time to promote.” Continue reading “You Asked For It: J. Johnson Higgins”

Count the Clichés

She was a flaxen-haired beauty, cute as a button, and never missed a beat.

She was sharp as a tack, but on the other hand, she had those two left feet.

She took for granted that she’d grown up in a land of milk and honey.

She’d give it up in a New York minute, but not for love or money. Continue reading “Count the Clichés”

Tuesday Tutorial: Building Your Video Empire

Mr. Pish with Jessica Biles of Busy Bee Videography
Mr. Pish with Jessica Biles of Busy Bee Videography

Now, now, Indies Unlimited is “Safe for Work.” Goodness no, I’m not talking about secret sex tapes or video from the hidden camera in the ladies’ locker room. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

I do want to talk about book trailer videos. Those are for your book. Let’s stay on topic here, shall we?

Why have a video trailer? Really, now – a video trailer is like a commercial for your book. It’s a multimedia bubble-gum for the eyes attempt at getting someone interested enough to purchase your book. Some potential customers like static magazine ads, some like flash, color and motion. Magazine ads cost money. Making your own video trailer costs you only time. We’ve had posts here on IU explaining how to make a trailer on and Animoto. Take the time to read those. Animoto is an amazing tool and has a much shorter learning curve than xtranormal. I’ve made trailers using both and in my humble opinion, Animoto’s where it’s at. Read the tutorial. Trust me.

So, now you’ve made your video trailer. Congratulations! I’m sorry, what? What do you do with it now? That all depends on how ambitious you are. Here are my recommendations. Continue reading “Tuesday Tutorial: Building Your Video Empire”