Video Trailer: Night Undone

Night UndoneFormer Special Agent Kathrin Night is not adjusting to civilian life. More than a year after her career-ending injury, she still can’t get the hang of it. This is wearing thin on her lover, Russian FSB Agent Aleksey Khovechkin, who tricks Kathrin into seeing a psychiatrist specializing in post-military/espionage patients. The therapy doesn’t go exactly as Aleksey hopes, but before he can react, Russia recalls him to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Before his departure, Aleksey reveals his deepest, darkest secret to Kathrin. Had he, in fact, used her to escape his duties in Russia, or was his allegiance to her?

Determined to see justice served, Kathrin hatches a scheme to help Aleksey while at the same time reviving her career in espionage. The Vancouver Winter Olympics could be the perfect venue for her plan, but can she pull it off without destroying their relationship, causing an international incident, or getting either of them killed?

Night Undone, the character-driven spy drama by K. S. Brooks, is available from, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers.

Getting Started in this Business

This past Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of attending a book signing by one of my favorite authors, Randy Wayne White. Known for his “Doc Ford” novels (over twenty and counting), he has been writing for over thirty years.

What made this event possible is an Independent bookstore, Books and Books, just two or so blocks from a Barnes and Noble. Randy started his talk by remembering the beginning of his career. He had just published his first novel and the publisher had set up a book signing at a bookstore in Ft. Myers, FL. The bookstore had stocked SIX books for the signing. Continue reading “Getting Started in this Business”

Flash Fiction Challenge: Playhouse Poltergeist

Photo by K.S. Brooks

It is her first performance in this theater. She has heard the stories about him, the one who sits in the sealed box—the box no one is supposed to be able to enter.

Some say his appearance is a good omen; others that it spells certain doom for the production.

She wonders if he will appear tonight and what his presence will portend.

In 250 words or less, tell me a story incorporating the elements in the picture. The 250 word limit will be strictly enforced. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge: Playhouse Poltergeist”

Book Brief: Emeline and the Mutants

Emeline and the Mutants
by Rachel Tsoumbakos
Genre: Horror
83,500 words

Newsflash: A cure for AIDS discovered!
The Haum vaccine, as it came to be known, is so important to humanity that is available to the public immediately. Available in a vaccine, it is effective as both a preventative measure as well as a cure for those already infected.

No one needs know that the proper testing was short-lived, nor that a few ‘mutations’ are occurring. They are merely secrets for the government to hold onto.

Although, eventually there is no way to hide the fact that the world is now filled with people who are no longer predisposed to getting cancer, heart disease or diabetes; but of becoming werewolves, vampires and trolls.

Follow Emeline and her new-found friend, Gwennie, as they fight to find the truth behind the death of Emeline’s brother, Warwick.

EMELINE AND THE MUTANTS is a fast-paced cautionary tale of what happens when science goes wrong.

This title is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK,  and Smashwords. Continue reading “Book Brief: Emeline and the Mutants”