Healthy Practices to Care for Yourself and Your Writing Muse

Isla McKetta

Your body and mind are the vessels your writing flows through. If you don’t take care of yourself, you risk emptying those vessels of creativity—the worst symptom of which is the dreaded writer’s block. The key to a successful and continuous writing career is to feed your muse by practicing a health writing/life balance along the way.

Here are some ways to fuel your writing self when you start to feel empty: Continue reading “Healthy Practices to Care for Yourself and Your Writing Muse”

Indie-Only Bookstores?

What if somebody told you that in the future not only would bookstores sell indie work, but there would be entire stores devoted only to books by indie authors? Good idea? Fantasy? Unworkable? What if I told you they are already here?

I’ve been in touch with two new stores, one online and one in the proverbial “brick and mortar”, that do just that. It might be pushing it to call these stores “harbingers”, but I don’t think it’s totally wild-eyed to take them as indicators of some sort, and possibly a major future wave in bringing indie books to the public. Much will depend on how these early pioneers work out. Continue reading “Indie-Only Bookstores?”

Featured Author: Reggie Ridgway

Reggie Ridgway always dreamed of becoming a writer. As an avid reader from an early age, he found a wonderful escape in stories. After graduating high school, he served for 7 years as a medic in the Air Force. He went on to study medicine, but love and family life put his plans for becoming a doctor on the back burner.

He obtained a BA in computer science while holding down a day job as an x-ray tech in Southern California. He taught math and computer programming in a local junior college. After some encouragement from his creative writing professor, he began to pursue his ambitions as an author.

His writing infuses his experience working with computers and in the medical field into his own blend of high tech drama.  He draws inspiration from medical thriller writers Peter Clement and Michael Palmer.

Reggie lives with his wife in a house which looks out on Lake Isabella, in Southern California, where he derives much peace and inspiration. Continue reading “Featured Author: Reggie Ridgway”

Can You Tell A Lie?

Welcome to The Learning Curve. I am chronicling my journey as a new writer in hopes of inspiring you to put that bag of chips down, step away from the television, and tell the world a good story.

Can You Tell A Lie?

In the documentary post I made a couple of months ago (A Writers Truth), I mentioned that telling a good story requires the skill of an experienced liar. Well, I may not have put it exactly like that, but close enough. Why do some books succeed while others sit on the shelves gathering dust, or in Amazon’s case lazy little electrons that refuse to budge? Who knows? Perhaps it was the cover, or the title. It could have been the blurb didn’t sound interesting enough. For whatever the reasons, these books just didn’t appeal to an audience. Art is subjective. More on that in a moment. Let’s talk about truth and lies for a bit. Continue reading “Can You Tell A Lie?”