Sneak Peek: Lucinda: Nails of the Crucifixion

Today, we feature a sneak peek of Terry Thorp’s fantasy novel, Lucinda: Nails of the Crucifixion.

Lucinda, a psychic, undertakes a quest for the Lords of the Path of Purest Light to locate two missing nails – relics from the Crucifixion Cross – with immense power for good or evil. Her adversary is the Ninth Master – a psychic working for the Fallen Lords of the Paths of Darkness. Will the nails be found in the Egyptian desert or Skellig Michael, an island off the south-west of Ireland? If she finds them, what must she do with them? Will the Ninth Master succeed in preventing her? The fate of the world rests on the choices that Lucinda makes.

Lucinda: Nails of the Crucifixion is available through, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and other online stores.

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Need Some Help?

Independent authors have to do a lot for themselves, but we don’t have to go it completely alone. There are specialists out there ready and able to help you with everything from editing to formatting, to cover design to marketing.

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Flash Fiction Challenge Poll

The time has come to choose this week’s winner in the Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge. On behalf of the IU staff, we want to thank the entrants for doing such a great job with the writing prompt and the merciless constraints of the exercise.

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Declaring My Independence

Donna Huston Murray

by Donna Huston Murray

Going independent–lots of authors are doing it, and now I have, too.

It was not an easy decision, complicated by the lucky fact that my track record–seven cozy mysteries put out by a major NY publisher–still garnered interest from agents and editors. But since my series character is pretty much a smarter, braver me, when my contracts were fulfilled, I welcomed the chance to live in somebody else’s head for a while. Shunning the “Write what you know” advice teachers hand out with your first yellow pencil, I chose the less-heard and infinitely trickier “Write what you fear” route. I wanted a heroic woman this time, and to my mind nobody is more heroic than a person who has endured cancer. Let’s make her a cop before she got sick so she has skills, even if she doesn’t expect to need them again. Now remove her resources one by one for no apparent reason, and the plot for CURED is in motion. I just didn’t figure on Lauren Beck’s second major life challenge taking up so much of mine. Yet we both toughed it out, and I’m happy to report that CURED is finally finished. Continue reading “Declaring My Independence”