Video Trailer: The Ring of Lost Souls

The Ring of Lost SoulsWhat if fairy tales were real? “The figure was dark with jagged little edges. While it was an image only caught fleetingly out of the corner of her eye, it was possible to make some distinction in regards to its identity, which was not unlike a raven in appearance.” Larundel – A place plagued by lost souls. A ring that has claimed a few of them. And a woman who is about to collide with a world she has forgotten about. A blend of urban legends, Celtic mythology and pure terror!

The Ring of Lost Souls, the paranormal romance/horror novel by Rachel Tsoumbakos, is available from


Finding that Thing …

While visiting the island of Puerto Rico, several years ago, I was introduced to a small little frog called Coqui. This little critter, only about the size of a quarter, is beloved on the island. The Coqui has been a cultural symbol in Puerto Rican history for centuries.

Anywhere on the island, the Coqui permeates the evening with its song. The clear, crisp call of “ko-kee” from which it gets its name, fills the humid warm night with music. You can find them everywhere, from the rain forests to the shore, singing all night until dawn.

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Flash Fiction Challenge: Last Meal

Photo by K.S. Brooks

They had given him what they called his last meal, but it wasn’t really. It was just food. Meals are for free men.

As they strap him down onto the table, Danny remembers his last meal. He had it in a little roadside diner right before all the trouble started—right before the end began.

That was a long time ago now. Twelve years of trials and appeals. Too long. He was ready for it to be over now.  It will be over in a minute or two. They are prepping the injection site now and Danny is thinking about that hamburger. Someone says something to him, they ask about regrets. He thinks about that for a moment. He feels the sting of the needle in his arm. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge: Last Meal”


by Mark Ellis
120,000 words (appx)
Lost World And Lost Souls! Deep in the jungled hell of Big Tamtung, a forgotten island in the South China Seas, a miraculous ancient substance is found that will unlock the secrets of life on Earth– Prima Materia, a fabled material that has been whispered about since Biblical times. Two centuries before, Charles Darwin discovered the last pool of Prima Materia on Big Tamtung but his discovery was suppressed by The School of Night, a secret society of scholars founded by Sir Walter Raleigh.

Now, when a small group of scientists and fortune hunters explore the jungles of Big Tamtung, they must endure frightening tests of their ingenuity and courage, as they struggle against ancient terrors–a lost world of dinosaurs and a miracle older than time.

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