Video Trailer: Farrah in Fairyland

Farrah in Fairyland 14-year old Farrah Fancycracker hates her life. Although she lives in Fairyland, the most wondrous place in the universe, her talents have been wasted.

Everything changes after a vicious attack from the Cornuto creatures. Having unexpectedly discovered that she is in fact a Tuttatti fairy, the most powerful fairy in Fairyland, the fate of the land now rests in the hands of Farrah. Will Farrah seize this opportunity to show Fairyland just how powerful she really is?

Farrah in Fairyland, the young adult fantasy novel by B.R. Stranges, is available from


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2 thoughts on “Video Trailer: Farrah in Fairyland”

  1. This looks great. I know it’s for young adults but this old adult will enjoy it I think! I watch loads animation and read lots of children’s books with my grand kids, so I may as well enjoy them. I really like the look of this one. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the kind comments avcarden. I have always enjoyed reading YA/ Children’s fiction too. Now that I have children of my own, I am rediscovering my love all over again.

    In a sense you can say that Farrah in Fairyland is a culmination of all of my wonderful experiences reading children’s books.

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