John Wayne Falbey Announces New Release

Sleeping Dogs_The AwakeningAuthor John Wayne Falbey is pleased to announce his new techno-political thriller, Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening.

Nature’s beta models of the next evolutionary leap forward in human beings were molded into the blackest of black ops units. It was dismantled and the men ordered terminated with extreme prejudice. Faking their own deaths, they went to ground for twenty years. Now they’re being reunited to stop a foreign power from destroying the US from within. Someone let the Dogs out. This book works the same side of the street as Brad Thor and other modern thriller writers. Closely tracking the issues behind today’s headlines, the plotline weaves cutting edge developments in technology, weaponry, and genetics research with the political intrigue occurring inside the Beltway today.

“Falbey offers a bold, gritty spy thriller…conjures memories of Lawrence Sanders and his hero Edward X. Delaney….” -Kirkus Reviews

Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening was self-published by John Wayne Falbey in June 2012. It is available from Amazon.comAmazon UK, KoboSmashwords and Barnes & Noble.

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4 thoughts on “John Wayne Falbey Announces New Release”

  1. An intriguing concept; almost worth reading just to find out why a group of individuals would want to put their lives on the line for a country that previously sanctioned there deaths, and supposedly might do the same again once they had served their purpose.

    By the way, I like the author’s name too; it kind of lends itself to the genre.

    1. An excellent comment, T.D.; thanks for raising it.

      Without giving away too much of the plot, I’ll point out that the individuals in question have little choice in the matter. After going to ground for almost 20 years, they’ve been outed. The same forces that drove them to ground nearly two decades ago are the ones who have outed them. So, to some extent their actions are a matter of self defense.

      As for my name, it’s the real deal. Either my Dad was a big fan of the Duke, or my parents had some sense of humor.

  2. A more detailed description of the book, its story line, and characters can be found at my Website, The first 5 chapters of the book also are posted at the site.

    This book is the first in a planned trilogy. It’s a techno-political thriller.

    One premise presents a frightening, but plausible scenario. The Soviet Union spent decades and enormous capital to subvert and destroy America’s social structure and cultural values. The USSR is gone, but has another interest with similar goals succeeded to the assets it implanted and left behind? Is the current political turmoil and systemic upheaval a result of such continuing efforts? Sleeping Dogs explores this frightening possibility with relentless action and thought provoking plot twists.

    A second premise is that in every generation Mother Nature produces a handful of individuals who are beta models of human beings in future generations. They are more evolved. What if scientists discovered this anomaly and developed a means of identifying these individuals? What if the intelligence and military communities recruited and trained them to use their extraordinary abilities for the blackest of black ops missions? What if something caused them to focus their bloodlust on an enemy destroying the U.S. from within?

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