aLm hLgh: My Mom, Your Dad

aLm hLgh earned her Bachelor’s Degree from University of IL where she excelled in her chosen major of Communications. She won several coveted prestigious scholarships and writing awards for her writings; most notably the highly coveted Bernard Shaw Scholarship and Prize for writing.

Alm enjoys writing about unusual love relationships between men and women. She has been writing for over 20 years with several of her stories winning writing competitions and placement. Alm writes a prose column in a local Chicago area newspaper for many years. Alm writes stories about real people living real lives; the everyday folks like you and me. Her eBooks are all based on her screenplays that Hollywood producers and directors said would find no audience. She is very thankful to you her readers for proving them wrong.

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My Mom, Your Dad
by aLm hLgh

Have you ever had a crush on someone and just didn’t have the courage to approach them?

Hylla Koeing had a crush on Bryce Tyler and Bryce Tyler had a crush on Hylla Koeing.

Unfortunately for them so did their parents and they just got married.

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